Frequently Asked Questions about Our Auto Body Repairs

Can you help me with my deductible?

Possibly, but we will certainly try our best to help you. Usually, we apply around 10% of the total cost of repairs toward your deductible. We have a strong relationship with insurance companies to get you maximum benefits. Ultimately, the amount we will help with is determined by your completed repairs and cost of repairs at Placer Auto Body.

Do I have to take my car where my insurance company refers me?

No, state law only mandates one quote before you submit the costs. You have the right to take your vehicle to the collision repair center of your choice. You should take your car somewhere where you are comfortable with the service, efficiency, and repair quality.

Can you assist me with acquiring a rental car?

Sure, we have experience working with nearby rental companies to obtain rentals for our customers. If you are using another party’s insurance benefits for your repairs, most insurance companies offer rental car reimbursement for the claimant. If you are using your own insurance to cover the costs, it may or may not include rental coverage. We can check with your insurance company or you can call to find out the benefits allotted for you. We can help you get a discounted rate for a rental if you need to pay out of pocket.

Do you offer towing?

Not directly, but we are happy to arrange towing for any car that is not drivable after a collision. Do not risk your safety! Some insurance plans cover the cost of towing after an accident. If this is not the case with your coverage, we will work with you to determine a reasonable fee for towing.

Is your work guaranteed?

We proudly offer a lifetime limited warranty on all our work. We’ve been in business since 1977 and are very confident in our repair abilities. Call for more detailed information regarding this warranty.